Battlefield 2042 Beta Content Dated A Few Months, DICE Says

As you probably know, the Battlefield 2042 beta took place last week. However, this one did not please everyone, to say the least. Between the rotten netcode and the choices of game design doubtful, many players were surprised by the absence of certain features yet at the heart of Battlefields for almost always. In this case, one of the most emblematic points is the pink commo, menu for giving orders or requesting support, such as healing or ammunition. You can find a non-exhaustive list of missing features in the following video:

Added to this, other concerns, such as a user interface, probably developed by a blind person …

Who approved this UI lol from battlefield2042

But all is not lost, because a few days ago, following these many complaints, a producer from DICE indicated that the build beta was several months ago, and since then many fixes and improvements have been made. It then details the principle of builds : To offer a beta, they need to freeze a version at some point on a secondary branch, then work on bugs and stability. However, the development of the final version does not stop during this time, and they continue to add features to the main branch. We can therefore reasonably think that the main features missing will be in the final version. Once again, DICE shows the extent of its communication skills …

Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19 on Origin, Steam and the Epic Game Store for € 60. If you are confident, you can also pre-order it on Gamesplanet for € 6 less.

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