Axie Infinity: The Pokémon-Like That Wants To Make You Money With NFTs

Game news Axie Infinity: The Pokémon-Like That Wants To Make You Money With NFTs

Many developers have tried to surf, with varying degrees of success, on the concept of Pokémon. Only a few studios have had the “rich” idea of ​​mixing the concept of collection with NFTs. These digital goods are everywhere and are starting to make their way into video games. This practice seems lucrative to say the least, as the Sky Mavis company, behind the Axie Infinity game, is now worth $ 3 billion. But how do these games work and how do they want you to trade your playing time for real money?

Axie Infinity: The Pokémon-Like That Wants To Make You Money With NFTs

In Axie Infinity the player can, like in Pokémon, collect creatures, Axies, in order to launch them in turn-based clashes against the AI ​​or other players. Over the course of his games, the player gains potions that he can then use to allow two of his monsters to mate in order to create a new one. But what completely changes the situation is that these potions and these monsters are in fact NFTs: virtual objects stored on secure servers. The NFTs made a lot of noise at the start of the year and interfered in many areas. For good reason, these Non-Fungible Tokens, or non-fungible tokens in French, are goods that can be sold on different markets. In the case of Axie Infinity, this market is integrated into the game and quickly becomes essential for the most determined players. Indeed, it takes 600 potions to allow two creatures to mate in order to create a new one. Those in a hurry will soon have to afford these potions with real money rather than collecting them at a rate of 2 to 6 per game. These beverages are sold for 6 cents each, at least at the time of writing, so it will cost 36 euros to create an additional Axie. An Axie is particularly important in the game, because it allows you to generate potions, but also Axie Infinity Shards, or AXS. These allow you to get exclusive rewards, can be resold like all the elements of the title, but will also serve as a ballot to determine the future of the game. The more AXS you spend, the more weight your vote will have. The most fortunate players will be able to directly impact the decisions made around the title.

Buy them all?

Axie Infinity: The Pokémon-Like That Wants To Make You Money With NFTs

This concept may sound appealing, but keep in mind that before you can embark on the adventure, each player must have 3 Axies. To get it, you must go through the gaming market, after having created a cryptocurrency wallet. And these creatures aren’t cheap, as a basic Axie costs between $ 180 and $ 250. A team of three monsters therefore costs more than a new generation console. This front door will surely block more than one. The defenders of the game, on the other hand, perceive these Axies as investments that allow them to earn money in exchange for their playing time. By selling Axies and potions, some players manage to generate several hundred euros per month. at the rate of a few hours of play – or work depending on the point of view – per day. Axie Infinity is already a success, as nearly two million players connect each month to fight and earn NFTs. New features have already been announced. It will be possible to afford land that will generate money each time another player passes. Free non-transferable Axies should emerge to allow greater ease of access to the title. These Axies should, however, generate Potions and other resources at much lower rates.

Axie Infinity: The Pokémon-Like That Wants To Make You Money With NFTs

Axie Infinity is not the only title to want to combine virtual goods, stock market and video games. Ilivium, for example, intends to stand out by offering an open world with polished graphics. And while the NFT gaming market looks set to take off, we’d rather warn gamers who might want to give it a try. If a security of this type comes to decline, the risk of not recovering its costs is rather high. Axie Infinity should therefore be seen more as a virtual purse than as a real RPG. An investment does not necessarily guarantee financial success, so we recommend that you do your research and weigh the pros and cons before trying the experiment.

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