Are you earning more or less than the median salary?

It is difficult to have a good idea of ​​what you earn: it can happen that you are a little short at certain times of the month, generally before the transfer of salary arrives! An INSEE study allows us to take a step back and above all, to compare ourselves.

The national statistics institute published the 2019 standard of living report a few days ago, and there is good news: it is on the rise! The median standard of living thus increased by 2.6% between 2018 and 2019, it is quite simply the most significant increase since the beginning of the 2000s, it is even much higher than the average recorded for the last twenty years ( + 0.8% on average per year).

Wage increase in 2019

According to the INSEE report, the median annual standard of living of the French is 22,040 euros. It should be understood that this is not an average, but a median: there is half of the French who earn less than 22,040 euros per year, the other half earning more than this amount. The disposable income for a single person is 1,837 euros per month, and 3,857 euros for a couple with two children under the age of 14.

This significant increase in the standard of living from one year to the next is explained by a context of modest inflation and dynamic wages. This increase is also amplified by the end of the switch from unemployment contributions to the generalized social contribution (CSG) started in 2018, the effect of which was in full year in 2019, and the effect of economic and social emergency measures. , such as the implementation of the exceptional purchasing power bonus decided after the yellow vests crisis.

We also learn that the lowest 10% of people have a standard of living below 11,660 euros, while the wealthiest 10% have a standard of living at least 3.4 times higher, beyond 39,930 euros. INSEE has observed that living standards have increased more at the bottom and the middle of the distribution. The most modest households benefit from the fall in unemployment.

And for 2020? The situation will undoubtedly be very complicated to explain, given the health crisis which has pushed the public authorities to support the purchasing power of the French despite partial activity.

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