Apocalypse, when Hitler attacked in the West, on France 3

CRITICAL – In two never-before-seen episodes of their famous documentary series, Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle focus on the campaign in France marked by the dazzling Nazi offensive and, already, by their war crimes. Do not miss this Monday, October 11 on France 3 at 9:05 pm.

Did Isabelle Clarke and Danielle Costelle need to add new episodes devoted to the Second World War to their “Apocalypse” series? This after having carried out, in 2009, six sections dedicated to the conflict of 1939-1945, followed two years later by two others devoted to the leader of the IIIe Reich. After watching the film in two parts of 52 minutes each titled Hitler attacks in the west, aired this evening, the answer is in the affirmative. These new developments allow the period to be further deepened. As always in this collection, the colorized archive images, but also the written testimonies of soldiers and civilians read in voiceover by a Mathieu Kassovitz loyal to the post, plunge the viewer into the heart of the action and of the times.

“The year 1940 is when the fate of Europe changes. In a matter of weeks, Hitler succeeded in doing what the Emperor of Germany had failed to achieve in four years of war in 1914-1918. ” Isabelle Clarke

“In Apocalypse Hitler that we realized ten years ago, we retraced the rise of Hitler and his seizure of power in 1933, explains Isabelle Clarke. In these two new streams we wanted to continue exploring its

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