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Zapping Foot National Top 10: the best scorers in history for the French team

What pride to be French! With yesterday’s coronation in front of an excellent selection from Spain, France became the first European nation to win everything in its path, regardless of the category. Reigning World Champion, the Blues also won the Euro (1984; 2000), the Confederations Cup (2001; 2003) as well as the Olympic Games in 1984. But that’s not all! France has also already won:

  • The U20 World Cup (2013)
  • The U17 World Cup (2001)
  • Euro U21 (1988)
  • Euro U19 (2005; 2010; 2016)
  • Euro U17 (2004; 2015)

A record without equal in Europe. Only two nations can look us in the face: Brazil and Argentina. The two countries have also won everything on their continent and in the world, regardless of the categories. Anyway, France is the first European nation to have won everything! An unprecedented feat on the Old Continent.

to summarize

The France team is back (a little more) in the history of sport and football after its coronation, yesterday, in the final of the League of Nations against an excellent Spain. France is the first European nation to have swept everything in its path.

Youcef Ghalaza-Boudra

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