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In the parking lot of the Intermarché in Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, in the Aisne, customers, retired or working, share the impression of an irremediable rise in the cost of living over the past five years.

A fatality. “Everything is increasing, every day, all the time. Gas, electricity, shopping, gasoline. This is crap. ” Sunglasses on his nose, Anthony crosses the parking lot of the Intermarché de Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt (Aisne) with nervousness after having done his shopping. Asked about his purchasing power, the 35-year-old soldier gives a disillusioned horizon, like almost all of the customers surveyed this Saturday afternoon. Nihilist, even: “And anyway, no policy will do anything.” In the parking lot, soldiers regularly disembark by whole vans from the Sissonne camp, located not far away, in the middle of the round of consumers by car, many of whom are retired. We come to refuel, or a quick run on the way home from the son’s football training, we fill the cart to prepare for the dantesque evening ahead.

The median standard of living in Saint-Erme (1,800 inhabitants), at 20,410 euros per year per household according to INSEE figures in 2018, corresponds to the French average. The impression of having lost purchasing power in recent times is widely shared. Especially by retirees, who have seen their pensions drop. Like Françoise, 76, who considers herself to be one of the “Privileged” : “I have some investment money and a good pension, I am a homeowner, so I have nothing to complain about. But in three years, I have lost almost 200 euros per month. ” “Me, I have the impression that the pension reform has started,…

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