An application would diagnose your cough and determine your disease

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Thanks to artificial intelligence, a new application developed by the American start-up Hyfe would make it possible to diagnose your cough. She would then identify the type and severity of your disease, based on that symptom.

Our cough diagnosed by an app? The American start-up Hyfe is currently developing two applications to identify the type and severity of a disease based on cough. One of the applications would be dedicated to the general public, therefore to patients, and the other to researchers, according to the Wall Street Journal, taken up by Korii.

According to tuberculosis expert Peter Small, also the start-up’s medical director, there is a particular sound and frequency of coughing for each disease, called “epidemiological acoustics”. The fatty cough and the dry cough would not therefore be the only coughs. For example, people with pneumonia would have a cough that looks like crackling in the lungs.

An application already on the market

An artificial intelligence would make it possible to analyze his cough. Very common symptom in pathologies such as influenza, Coid-19 or whooping cough and lung cancer. Today, patients in most cases fail to define their cough. GĂ©rard Theron, professor at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, is currently collecting a number of coughs by telephone, which will enable him to establish a database. Then, an audio test will “screen hundreds of thousands of people” with rapid diagnosis at low cost.

The applications are in the testing phase, the data not being fully collected. A similar app, ResApp Health, already exists that can analyze your cough and send the results to your doctor. To use this app created by an Australian company, just hold your phone in front of you, reach out and record five minutes of coughing.

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