after “Dying can wait”, what future for the franchise?

James Bond: after "To die can wait", what future for the franchise?

DIE CAN WAIT. James Bond fans may have been surprised by the finale of Dying Can Wait, the 25th film in the franchise. What can be the consequences on the next films of the saga?

[Mis à jour le 11 octobre 2021 à 14h42] The finale of a James Bond film will rarely have surprised viewers as much as that of Dying can expect. The action blockbuster, released on October 6, 2021 in France, also marks Daniel Craig’s farewell to the legendary British secret agent. To mark the occasion, the feature film is full of twists and turns that have not failed to question fans of the work of Ian Fleming. Will the last minutes of the blockbuster have consequences for the future of the James Bond franchise? If this article does not contain no spoilers on the end of Dying Can Wait, we still recommend those who have not yet seen the film from do not read the next two paragraphs, so as not to be influenced before viewing it.

The producers of Die Can Wait have yet to comment on the 25th James Bond film finale, and what it means for the future of the film franchise. Producer Barbara Broccoli has confirmed that the search for the next actor to play 007 will begin in 2022, not before, and that it will only be then that reflections on the future of the license will take place. Therefore, we can only play the game of speculation and assumptions about what the next James Bond films have in store for us. We can imagine that, with each cycle proposing a different actor and distinct plots, the finale of Dying Can Wait will have no impact on the era to come: we wipe out the past and start from scratch, without worrying about what the previous film implies.

We can also imagine that the license will offer a new version of James Bond: after a raw, sentimental, dark and mature Daniel Craig (in his emotional journey), maybe the franchise will move towards a younger James Bond. , which would open the door to a multitude of intrigues, such as the debut of the British secret agent within MI6. Finally, perhaps the “James Bond” franchise will evolve into a “007” franchise, opening the door to new characters, like the one played by Lashana Lynch in Die Can Wait.

Critics are divided on Daniel Craig’s farewell to the 007 franchise. If English speakers say they are generally won over, the French press is much more mixed. All agree to deplore the length of the feature film (2h43), leaving room for many lengths. Première thus believes that Dying can wait does not manage to “remain distracted for 2:43. On this point, it is clearly missed.” The quality of the plot is often scratched by French critics, such as Le Monde qui judge “le lazy script “for” a failed movie “. The Parisian will stick to “” huge surprises and a little disappointment “, reproaching the production for not showing” any originality and [d’être] of a total flatness. ”Le Point also judges that Dying can wait“ misses its target ”, even if the film“ corrects the shot a little ”after“ the mediocre 007 Specter ”, while the Obs describes the film as “James Bond for Dummies” action.

Not all reviews of the latest James Bond are negative, however, and fortunately! RTL hails a “bittersweet James Bond, funny and full of first times”. The media outlet assures us, Die Can Wait is a good film in the franchise, although it is not “the best James Bond in history” nor “the best James ond of the Craig era”. The media thus praise surprises in the plot, especially on the final, which humanizes the hero like never before. Same story for Ecran Large which salutes the ambition of the blockbuster: “the saga finally dares everything. This final bouquet sweeps everything away like a wave, with an intensity that crushes the film’s flaws”. For Télérama, Dying can wait “to rehash the past to make a clean sweep of it”, which is both “the limit and the daring of this conclusion, whose melancholy apotheosis confirms to what extent the Craig cycle has generated its own. DNA. It’s not that often, anyway, that we are dumbfounded. ” It is now up to French spectators to form their own opinion on the latest James Bond. Give your opinion on James Bond: Dying can wait on

$ 121 million. These are the recipes for Dying Can Wait, the 25th episode of the James Bond saga, in a week in the world. Released in the UK and parts of Europe, South America and Asia starting September 28, Dying Can Wait can boast a great launch even though the film was not released. neither in the United States, nor in China, the two most important markets in the world. Cary Joji Fukunaga’s film therefore seems to have a bright future after being rejected many times.

On the French side, “Mourir can wait” was released in France on October 6. The first figures for the French box office were unveiled the following afternoon. With 288,397 admissions (first day and preview included), the feature film signs the third best start since December 2019, beaten only by Kaamelott and Fast & Furious 9. By comparison, it is less than Specter (850 287 admissions on day 1) and Quantum of Solace (360,643 admissions) but that’s more than Skyfall (258,331 admissions on day 1) and Casino Roayle (160,637 admissions). Note also that it is better than Dune, the box office sensation of the moment, which had attracted 181,316 admissions over the same period, which did not prevent it from exceeding 2.2 million admissions in three. weeks.

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James Bond: Dying Can Wait is the opportunity for Daniel Craig to bid farewell to the character of Ian Fleming, which he has played since 2006. This feature film, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, is thus the end point of the plot that started with Casino Royale. But what will happen to the spy, who will find Madeleine Swan (Lea Seydoux) in this film? Will he come out of this clash unscathed? Will he be replaced by Lashana Lynch, who has been playing the new 007 here since the character retired?

Synopsis – As he retired to live a better life in Jamaica, James Bond’s rest is finally cut short when an old CIA friend Felix Leiter comes looking for him asking for help in freeing a kidnapped scientist. The mission is, however, much more perilous than Bond initially thought and, on his way, he will come across an enemy with particularly dangerous technologies.

Die Can Wait is finally released across the world. On the web, many spoilers abound on the film, some true, others not. If you want to avoid spoiling the surprise of the viewing, here are some tips for not being spoiled for James Bond: Die can wait. If you are an advanced Twitter user, you probably know that you can hide hashtags and keywords by going to your account settings (Settings and privacy> Privacy and security> Hide and block> Hidden words). In the case of James Bond, the terms #JamesBond, #Mourirpeutattendre #Notimetodie and #Notimetodiespoiler should be masked. There are also several extensions and applications to also avoid spoiling on Facebook, such as Social Fixer, Silencer or Spoiler Shield. As a general rule, if you want to avoid spoiling yourself with the next James Bond, you should simply avoid social media, a real nest of spoilers.

The James Bond license still offers impressive castings. No Time To Die aka Dying Can Wait is no exception to the rule. This is the last episode in which Daniel Craig camps the spy. For the occasion, some actors already seen in Specter such as Léa Seydoux and Christoph Waltz are back. Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw as well as Naomie Harris resume their respective roles within MI6: M, Q and Moneypenny. Other actors also come to fill the ranks of this four-star cast. Among them: Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049) or even Lashana Lynch to whom the rumors promise a great future in the saga.

The James Bond Girl has almost become a trademark of films starring 007. If at the time of the first feature films, he defined the only female character in history, often a female object that fell into the arms of the secret agent, his image has changed a bit as the franchise has modernized. From now on, the James Bond Girl is a woman of action, often falling under the spell of the British spy. Better yet, it has become more difficult to pinpoint a “James Bond Girl” as the female characters have diversified. The term almost seems to have become obsolete.

It is therefore difficult to really name a James Bond Girl in Dying Can Wait. Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) lives again a romance with James Bond, while Paloma (Ana de Armas), if she seems to correspond more to the “codes” of the James Bond Girl, proves that she knows how to fight perfectly, in the same way than 007. Better yet, Nomi (Lashana Lynch) now wears the number 00, making it 100% equal to James Bond. If there are any James Bond Girls in Dying Can Wait, it seems certain that they are not at all like the first films of the saga released in the 1960s.

Created in 1953 by novelist Ian Fleming, the spy James Bond has been featured in many novels but also many films. If, in most of them, Agent 007 faces death many times, he has never been killed as well in Bondian literature as in the entire saga discovered by amateurs. At the movie theater.

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