Adriana Karembeu separated from her daughter: she reveals why Nina can not visit him

New arrival in sight in More beautiful life. Adriana Karembeu has joined the cast of the famous series of France 3 and will make her first appearance on October 27. Asked by Big Channel TV, the divine 50-year-old blonde confided in her arrival and her organization concerning her little Nina (3 years old, fruit of her union with Aram Ohanian).

It was the production that requested me. (…) I just knew I was going to play my own ‘fictional’ role of course. That’s why I accepted. And also because I liked the idea of ​​being part of a series“, first entrusted Adriana Karembeu. It was only a week before the start of filming that she discovered her intrigue, including her love at first sight for Doctor Vidal (played by Simon Ehrlacher). the rhythm is sustained, she enjoys playing in this format. She could have done it before in Tomorrow belongs to us, but her newborn daughter when she was offered the offer, she declined the offer so as not to be separated from her so quickly. “Today she is 3 years old and goes to nursery, it’s easier“, she clarified.

It is therefore without her little Nina that Adriana Karembeu made the trip to Marseille to shoot More beautiful life. Her husband therefore also did not come to see her on the set since he keeps their wonder. “He looks after Nina who is sick in the car if I am not with her. I go back and forth [la famille habite à Monaco, NDLR], but otherwise, her father takes care of her after the nursery. He’s not used to it. Since he is scared, he does three times as much. He can’t wait for me to come back. When I come home, after asking me if everything went well, he says to me: ‘Now you take care of the little one.’“, she confided.

For now, Adriana Karembeu does not yet know if she will be back after her plot which was planned. But she would very much like to continue this great adventure. “I will still make suggestions to the authors, because I have very specific ideas on how I could come back [elle rit]“, she concluded.

The full interview can be found in the TV Grandes Chains magazine on October 11.

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