A secret financial pact in Koh-Lanta? Claude, questioned, finally explains himself!

To the casting of Koh-Lanta, The Legend, the All Stars edition celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the famous survival game, the production brought together “The best“. And among the twenty selected adventurers, some know each other well, obviously. Claude thus imposes himself in Robinson overpowered by his knowledge, his experience – he has already participated three times in Koh Lanta, in 2010, in 2012 then in 2020 -, its performances during the events but also its affinities. And while a rumor of a financial pact with other candidates turns, he evokes his alliances in an interview.

It is near TV 7 Days that Claude was asked about the subject. Presented as a leader, first in the men’s team at the start of the adventure then in that of the yellow Lanta Nai, he explains: “I am the leader of my game. And even if I have affinities with former participants, I did not set up any alliance before leaving. Koh Lanta, it’s a game. You have to know how to defuse the traps and accept to get out if you have played badly. In the end, we are all at the same level.

A clear and precise answer: no pre-game alliance, and therefore certainly no financial pact. “In this edition, we all have affinities. I’m far from being the one with the most friends !“, adds this father of two boys, Andréa (6 years old) and Marceau (1 year old). Moreover, he who has three times missed the title of big winner with very little ambition to go at least to the posts . “However, I am not kidding myself. I progress as I go, he confides. I adapt according to the progress of the game without having a predefined alliance. I am waiting to position myself.

What nail the beak to bad tongues. Remember that Wednesday, October 6, 2021, on the set of Do not touch My TV, while Mohamed Derraji, ex-candidate of the game, revealed to have made a financial pact with Coumba and Clémence in 2005, the columnist Géraldine Maillet assured that Claude, Phil and Laurent of this All Stars season would have also made a secret alliance before the departure for French Polynesia. Information already denied by Laurent on Twitter.

Interview with Claude, emblematic adventurer of Koh Lanta, can be found in full in the magazine TV 7 Days, currently on newsstands.

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