“A reactor, it can blow us up in the face”, insists Yannick Jadot



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If he accedes to the Elysee, the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot promises that France will get out of nuclear power “in 20 years”.

“We are not going to build or invest money, today, in small reactors which will only be available in at least twenty years, when we have won or lost or lost the climate battle”, hammered Yannick Jadot, ecological presidential candidate, Monday, October 11 on franceinfo, on the eve of the presentation by Emmanuel Macron of the investment plan “France 2030”. The development of mini-nuclear reactors (SMR), which would supplement existing power plants, is one of the tracks of this plan, according to the details of a government source at Franceinfo, Monday, October 4.

“Me, I am anti-nuclear because a reactor, it can blow us in the face, let us remember Fukushima”, declared the MEP Europe Ecology-The Greens. Nuclear, “this is waste” and “more and more expensive energy”, he said. “Can we now take note of the economic reality in the energy sector?”, he asked, adding that “worldwide, more than 80% of the new installed electricity production capacities are renewable energies, which are energies today half the cost of nuclear power.”

If he accedes to the Élysée, Yannick Jadot promises that France will exit nuclear power “in 20 years”. “We will save energy, deploy renewable energies and gradually we will shut down nuclear reactors without ever putting ourselves in danger”, he said, adding that“we must take five more years, we will take five more years”. “I am perfectly responsible, no one is saying to shut down French nuclear power plants tomorrow”, he assured.

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