A new connector, 12VHPWR, for the next PCI-E 5.0 graphics cards?

While all eyes are on the next high-end graphics cards with PCI-E 5.0 support, one can logically wonder about the power supply for these cards. With now three eight-pin connectors on the most demanding models, it becomes difficult to store everything correctly in the box, but also on the PCB. And that’s where the connector comes in 12VHPWR, which aims at everything simplify while supporting up to 600 W.

Despite its name, this new connector does not have twelve pins, but sixteen. The first twelve are assigned to the transfer of the power supply with a maximum of 662.4 W exactly (9.2 A at 12V per line), but our colleague does not forget the tolerance for safety and therefore advances 600 W, which is already standard .


Below, four others are present for the management of the signal, in a single package, with to secure the whole a locking system as we are used to. And if the whole can be impressive, it is ultimately not since the distance between the upper pins is 3.0 mm, against 4.2 mm on our current expensive connectors.

And unlike the connector Intel ATX12VO destination for motherboards, the adoption of this new format for graphics cards could be rapid as the situation becomes complicated on the high end. It only remains to wait for the cards in PCI-E 5.0, the recompatibility not being put here.

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