40 deliveries and a single order in September

Airbus delivered 40 aircraft in September but announced Monday that it had recorded only one new order in its backlog during the month.

This order concerns an A319neo for an unspecified private customer. It brings the total number of gross orders since the start of the year to 270. At the same time, the European aircraft manufacturer recorded 137 cancellations.

Airbus also delivered 4 A220 single-aisle aircraft in September, including the first of the 60 aircraft ordered by Air France in July 2019. It also delivered 30 A320 family aircraft, 4 A330 wide-body aircraft and 2 A350s for the company Japan Airlines.

Since the start of the year, Airbus has delivered 424 commercial aircraft to 74 customers, up from 341 over the same period in 2020.

Deliveries are a reliable indicator of profitability in aeronautics: customers pay most of the bill when they take possession of planes.

Providing an exit from the Covid-19 crisis, the aircraft manufacturer announced to its suppliers that it would increase its production rates from 40 A320 family aircraft currently produced each month to 43 this summer, 45 at the end of the year and 64 in 2023. It was producing 60 per month before the pandemic.

The aircraft manufacturer’s order book stood at 6,893 aircraft at the end of September, including 6,123 single-aisle aircraft.

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