What personality is behind the mysterious back-to-school star?

Is Bruno about to discover a mysterious new star in The 12 noon shots ? And above all, who is behind this new enigma? With more than 235 victories and nearly 1 million wins, the now famous candidate could once again find the name of this personality who is hidden behind the screen. Objeko tells you more.

The 12 strokes of noon : a mysterious new star ready to fall?

An extraordinary course

Now Bruno is quite simply the greatest champion of all game shows across the planet. Thanks to his incredible longevity, he actually holds this extraordinary title for his greatest joy, but also that of his fans. Despite all the challengers who oppose him on a daily basis, the young man is holding on and could then exceed the million mark in the next shows. Saturday 18 last september, Bruno was like that opposed to Alexander, Lea and Marie-Claude determined to make him fall from his pedestal.

During the test of the blow fatal, the noon master once again demonstrated his superiority to secure a 236th participation in the 12 midday shots. After having garnered an additional 1,000 euros, he therefore saw his jackpot climb to 990,357 euros. In front of the wall of the mysterious star, he then proposed Clara Luciani in order to win the 30,568 euros promised in case of discovery of this new enigma. However, it will not be for this time around yet. However, Bruno has been multiplying the proposals for several days now. He has already mentioned the names of Britney Spears, Zinédine Zidane, Victoria Abril, Nicole Kidman, Orlando Bloom or Florent Pagny. All wrong answers which, however, could bring him closer to a new coronation.

A mysterious tenth star?

So far, only a few clues have been revealed. Viewers of 12 noon shots were able to discover a photo of the old courthouse in Paris, as well as palm trees and also a plane. Always very responsive on the subject, Internet users think they have found the solution. According to them, it could indeed be Albert Dupontel. The courthouse would be an evocation of his film 9 months firm while the plane would refer to his pilot activities. However, there is no proof yet that they are right. We will therefore have to wait for the next broadcasts to perhaps witness a new discovery of the mysterious star by a Bruno who is still very motivated.

Indeed, the candidate of 12 midday shots does not seem to tire of this daily presence in front of the public. Thanks to his status as the undisputed master of the show, he continues to rake in a real small fortune and a multitude of gifts. Already the owner of seven cars won in the various events, his jackpot is climbing day by day to reach incredible amounts. Little by little, the million is fast approaching. Therefore, who to stop this mad rise? Currently no one. Even if several sites claim that the young man could fall in the coming days … Rumors that regularly return to the headlines, but which have always proved to be false until today.

Who after Estelle Lefebure ?

So would Bruno be about to discover the mysterious new star this week? Even if the indices are rather weak so far, the young man is quite capable of it. On September 9, he thus succeeded in finding Estelle Lefebure behind the famous wall. After having proposed the names of Franck Dubosc, Karine Viard, Nolwenn Leroy, Scarlett Johansson, Pierre Richard, Nelson Monfort, Jean-Michel Larqué, Bruno Salomone, Claire Keim or even Adriana Karembeu, the champion of 12 midday shots had fallen right. The future will tell us if Bruno will once again splash the public with all his intuition.

In any case, a fact seems today perfectly well established. Indeed, Bruno is simply unbeatable until proven guilty. If obviously one day, it has to give up its place, for the moment, it is still far from being the case. A longevity that allows it to be today number 1 in the ranking of 12 midday shots ahead of Eric le Breton and his 199 victories. A list in which we must also add Christian Quesada with 193 appearances, and Paul who won the show 153 times. To complete this classification, Objeko would also not want to forget Véronique presents 100 consecutive days in the daily show of Jean-Luc Reichmann. In summary, several questions arise. Who can really dismiss Bruno? Is there anyone who can beat their record? But also what surprise does he still have in store for viewers?

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