letter carriers responsible for photographing their users for Yann Arthus Bertrand

They roam our streets, rub shoulders with the French on a daily basis, and according to Yann Arthus Bertrand are the best placed to draw the portrait of users. The postmen become photographers of their daily life on the occasion of a partnership between the author of the “Earth seen from the sky” and La Poste.

That morning, like every morning, Edith brings her mail to Odette. But today its mission does not stop there. She’s going to ask the old lady to pose.

In twenty years, this postwoman has forged an unwavering bond with the centenary, made up of complicity and concern. So easy for her to suggest that Odette play the role of models.

“When you’re all alone, it’s good to see someone like that smiling … she always has a little note, she’s someone I like, whom I esteem. She’s sympathetic” testifies Odette Croyeau.

Like most of her letter carrier colleagues, Edith did not hesitate to participate in the “Portraits of France by letter carriers” project.

I am not particularly photographic but I like the contact with people. Since I passed the baccalaureate I want to be a letter carrier, I have been a letter carrier for 35 years and I love the connection with people“, reports Edith Langlois.

This initiative, both artistic and collaborative, is due to Yann Arthus Bertrand, the famous photographer.

“There are few people who do such strong bonding work every day, he confided at the end of August to our colleagues from the Parisien Today in France, the rural mail carriers, perhaps a little more, share the life of the people, render service, bring the medicines “.

“It’s up to them to photograph the France they love, this France of benevolence and mutual aid that we love and that they represent”, added the president of the GoodPlanet foundation

I hope that all these photos will convey the joy of living side of being in France, of seeing the people we love. I like to photograph people who look happy, it’s great

Yann Arthus Bertrand

For this project, La Poste has developed an application integrated into Facteo, the professional smartphone for postal workers.

It allows them to take two photos of people: one close-up, one larger, in front of their home.

Letter carriers have until October 8 to deliver their photos. A digital exhibition entitled “Portraits of France by Postmen” is scheduled for the end of 2021. The most beautiful photos selected will be exhibited at the Louvre post office in 2022.

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