how to explain the risk of shortage?

The month of December 2021 is already shaping up to be particularly stressful for parents. Because all the toys on their children’s Santa Claus list may not be available in stores. Lack of raw material, closed factories, increase in the price of transport … Carole Ferry, journalist in the economy of Europe 1, explains the reasons for this risk of shortage.

Summer is barely coming to an end but all eyes are already on Christmas. A shortage of toys could indeed affect the sector for multiple reasons, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Carole Ferry, journalist for the economy of Europe 1, explains to us why stockouts are looming this year at Santa Claus.

Shortage of containers and closure of Asian ports

This is when the orders should arrive in the warehouses to be distributed on time to the stores. But logistics have a huge grain of sand this year. Chinese factories were unable to produce as much as expected. Added to this is the shortage of containers and also the closure of Asian ports. As a result, the large toy store chains fear they will not be ready for catalog release in mid-October. “We are told that everything cannot be delivered or that everything cannot be delivered immediately”, explains Philippe Gueydon, president of King Jouet, at the microphone of Carole Ferry. “We are told about a delay of fifteen days, a month or even two months. We will be delivered partially or in any case not on the deadlines which had been initially agreed”.

No brand is completely spared

This mainly concerns products that come from Asia, potentially good news for our French manufacturers. Except that today, almost no brand is completely spared. According to the president of the French Toy Association, …

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