Dune starts out better than Black Widow and Kaamelott at the French box office

Dune continues its momentum in France and offers a more solid start than the heavyweights of the French box office.

Director Denis Villeneuve said it well and even repeated it: Dune is not in fact that the first part of a diptych (or even of a trilogy). However, the sequel was not shot in stride because of Warner Bros., a little cautious, and wanting to make sure that the marbles (165 million dollars) invested in the Villeneuve film would have a return on profit before. to talk about the future.

The future of the franchise is therefore played out at the box office and the director of Sicario can breathe a little given the international start (the film will not be released until October 22 in the US) suggesting that Dune will be a beautiful box. In France, the film hit theaters on September 15 and launched a successful launch.

Photo Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Timothée ChalametNo water, but a hell of a lot of liquid

Dune had already attracted for its first day in France 181,316 spectators, the best start for a film by the Quebec director on French soil. And this trend continued after the very first day that had probably won over all fans of Frank Herbert’s work. At the end of its first weekend (i.e. five days of operation), Dune displayed 878,409 entries for 892 screens with the million bar close at hand for Paul and his gang.

This is the second best start since the arrival of the Covid in our lives, the head returning to Fast & Furious 9 with 1.1 million admissions for a little less copies: 756 screens showed the film. But sci-fi footage does better than Black widow which had totaled 702,553 entries in the same time frame (but for 607 copies). Dune even offers itself the luxury of doing better than Kaamelott : First part which had accumulated at the end of its first weekend 837,592 spectators with 807 copies across the country.

photo, DuneDune 2 on the horizon?

Certainly, Dune has the advantage of its copy count, but the success is undeniable. If the film continues its momentum, it could perhaps join Alexandre Astier’s King Arthur who totals 2.5 million, which is for now the best French box office score of 2021. Additionally, Dune will not suffer in France from piracy immediately since the hybrid American release (in theaters and on HBO Max) will not arrive for another month.

Thus, until October 22, Dune has time to stock up on money. If the success continues over the weeks, then the sequel could be on the right track, but we are not immune to a drop in entries after the wave of aficionados either. The figures for its second week will already be a solid indicator to confirm its good start or weaken it.

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