Bilal Hassani dazzles on Sia, 4 jury buzz (VIDEO)

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After two years of absence, “Dance with the stars” made its comeback on TF1 Friday evening. For its season 11, the show has decided to have a makeover: new set, Camille Combal only the animation, new jury with the arrival of Jean-Paul Gaultier in particular, and obviously new casting. Among the 13 personalities in competition, we find Wejdene, Tayc, Dita Von Teese, Lm, Jean-Baptiste Maunier or Bilal Hassani. It’s a show that I watched and loved, and when I was little I thought it would be too fun to do it someday. (…) And I always said to myself that if I was asked to do “Dance with the stars”, I would go because it can bring me a lot of good energy, it can be fun and I love them. challenges. L I find that it is rather tailor-made for me recently confided the interpreter of “Baby” in interview on Pure Charts, proud to dance with a man. A first in the history of the show!

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“You just did an amazing thing”

I am very, very, very proud to be able to participate in this season of “DALS” with all my desires, with everything I had imagined, in the conditions that I wanted. I hope, as in 2019 with Eurovision, to be able to speak to households and show other forms of identity added Bilal Hassani, who therefore took the plunge Friday night on the floor of “Dance with the stars”, alongside dancer Jordan Mouillerac. While only six candidates participated in this first bonus, followed by 4.33 million viewers and marked by the elimination of Lm, Bilal Hassani impressed the juries and the public with his first performance. Just when I put my hair on, and when I look at myself in the mirror and say: “You’ve decided who you are to keep quiet”, I’m not afraid of anything anymore. confided the young artist, accompanied by his mother during his first meeting with Jordan Mouillerac. It is a great pride to dance with Bilal has also explained the dancer, who reserved a contemporary for him on the song “Courage to Change” by Sia.

The opportunity for Bilal Hassani to tell his story through this song and this intense first dance. Barefoot, dressed in white and sporting a blonde wig, the young man performed the dance steps with force and motion, clothes in motion, and gracefully merging with his partner in a duel. A magnificent performance, to the applause of the audience and the jury, who did not hesitate to grant him 4 immunity buzzes. Little novelty of the season: these buzzes allow him to go directly to the next step, without going through the second round and the face – face. I am extremely proud that my four and a half year old son watches “Dancing with the Stars” and that he sees said Chris Marques, greeting a great performance , while Franois Alu praised his technique: You just did, for a first bonus, an incredible thing . A very beautiful moment, which promises for the continuation of the adventure!

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