Amy Schumer had her womb removed because of endometriosis

ENDOMETRIOSIS – “We are the day after surgery to end my endometriosis,” said Amy Schumer in a video posted Sunday, September 19 on Instagram. The actress is visibly tired, words do not come easily. She just got out of the operation. She is not laughing, when her companion, Chris Fischer, burps loudly, before she begins to speak.

“My uterus is outside of me,” she says. The doctor found 30 endometriosis ‘spots’ which he removed. He also removed my appendix which the endometriosis had attacked. There was a lot of blood inside the uterus and I have, you know, pain and then I like gas. I already feel that my energy … ”

Amy Schumer did not finish her sentence, the video stopped before.

Popularize the journey of women with endometriosis

In the same way she had “shown everything” about her pregnancy and told about her Lyme disease, the comedian narrates the removal of her uterus by the menu. Very committed to the cause of women, Amy Schumer intends to popularize this type of intervention.

Endometriosis is a complex disease, still underdiagnosed and under studied, which affects one in ten women. The removal of the uterus appears to be the miracle solution for some, like the American actress Léna Dunham or the French columnist Énora Malagré who told in 2017 why she had chosen to have the uterus removed.

Operations that do not always succeed

If for some, the removal of the uterus is experienced as a deliverance, for all that, it is not without consequences. First of all, it does not guarantee the disappearance of the pain, as Noémie testified on Europe 1: “Three months after the operation, the pain started again”. The radiologist, Erick Petit, specifies: “The pain becomes independent after a certain time. You can remove the uterus, even the ovaries, women will still have pain afterwards, and sometimes more. The pain mechanisms are partly neurological, it is very important and very complex. ”

In the same vein, two associations, EndoFrance and Ensemble contre endométriose, interviewed by Health magazine, alert on the subject: according to them, this is not a miracle solution because endometriosis lesions secrete their own estrogen. “If a lesion is left in place (which is possible insofar as we frequently note the presence of lesions not visible to the surgeon), it can cause a recurrence”, specifies EndoFrance. A second medical opinion is welcome before any decision is taken.

Notable consequences

Indeed, the consequences of the ablation are not trivial. First of all, you should know that there are three types of ablations: subtotal (the body of the uterus is removed), total (the body and the cervix are removed) and radical (the body and the cervix, as well as the ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed).

However, hysterectomy with removal of the tubes and ovaries results in irreversible menopause, the consequences of which are the same as for natural menopause (sterility, hot flashes, change in weight, irritability, etc.).

Not to mention the long-term risks such as osteoporosis, a drop in libido or a prolapse, which is a descent of organs. In addition, the removal of the uterus is associated with an increased cardiovascular risk.

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