with 74% of unvaccinated caregivers, impossible to apply the law on compulsory vaccination

How to bend the authorities? In Guadeloupe, the strategy is simple, refuse the vaccination… and it works! It is a very bad publicity for the vaccine obligation that the big television channels are careful not to relay, for fear of giving ideas. Indeed, Gérard Cotellon, director of the University Hospital Center of Guadeloupe (CHUG), can only note the obvious and submit to the Guadeloupe people who purely and simply refuses to be vaccinated.

During the show That’s the news Friday, September 17, 2021, Gérard Cotellon is totally helpless in the face of caregivers far too numerous not to have undergone vaccination. ” With 75% of unvaccinated caregivers, my first duty, as general manager, is to make the CHU work and we cannot find ourselves in a situation where we cannot take care of the sick. […] So either I suspend more than 2,300 agents, in which case the hospital can no longer function, or I take the risk of letting them work in order to continue taking care of the patients. “

By the resistance of the caregivers in the face of the segregationist health pass, the unit has won, the caregivers are not vaccinated and keep their work. Checkmate !

Marcel D. for The Media in 4-4-2

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