“When I saw what had happened my head froze”

Three scooters, a light vehicle and a heavy truck. It is around 2 am this Sunday on the fast axis of Saint-Paul when a shock occurs. A motorist does not see a scooter until the last moment. He stamps the two-wheeler from behind. The scooter rider is projected over 200 meters. He was traveling in a group, accompanied by two other scooter riders de facto violating the curfew in effect at this late hour.

A few moments later, it is a truck driver taking the same axis that collides with the body of the unfortunate driver of the two-wheeler.

Driving under drugs and uninsured vehicle

Panic on all floors. The driver of the light vehicle leaves his car in the left lane, near the barrier. He fled across a field, in the savannah of Plateau Caillou, and called a member of his family to come and pick him up. The driver, meanwhile, does not stop.

The night kills one more on the roads, the 30th since the start of the year. This victim, living in the Plateau Caillou district, was 29 years old.

The motorist was quickly apprehended on Sunday by the gendarmes of the Saint-Paul company. The toxicological screening revealed that he was under narcotics at the time of the facts.

As for the trucker, he will have the presence of mind, very late, to go to the police at 5 am.

The two license holders B, for one, and C for the second, must now explain their driving behavior that night.

This Monday afternoon, they were both presented to the courthouse of Champ Fleuri where they were served the charges against them at this stage of the investigation.

The examining magistrate confirmed the opening of a judicial investigation to allow the investigation to clarify the gray areas, only 48 hours after the occurrence of this road accident.

Aged 41 and living in Le Port, the motorist involved in this fatal road accident has just been indicted for manslaughter and hit and run, all under the influence of narcotics. His vehicle was otherwise uninsured.

The motorist’s lawyer: “He had no way to avoid it”

The prosecutor requested the placement in pre-trial detention in view of the behavior of the forties. He tried to disguise reality by throwing his cell phone away, running away and, at the start of his custody, he even denied, says the prosecutor in her requisitions. A request for justified pre-trial detention, according to the public prosecutor, in order to ensure his representation in court, avoid pressure on witnesses to be questioned and put an end to the disturbance of public order.

But his lawyer felt that detention is not the only way to fight against the three required elements. Then, Me Yannick Mardenalom argued that the investigation does not reveal, at this stage, whether it is his client who is responsible for the death of the scooter rider or the driver of the truck. “Three scooters rolled in a star without taillights. He had no way of avoiding it. If my client had not fled, the victim would still have died ”, added the motorist’s lawyer.

An argument that did not convince. His provisional detention was retained by the judge of freedoms.

“What happens touches less. I am neither violent nor mean. But when I saw what had happened, my head froze, I went into the savannah…. “, he tried to explain his hit and run. According to him, the three scooters in front of him did not have their lights on.

The truck driver was indicted for manslaughter and hit and run. Living in Saint-André, the 62-year-old truck driver has chosen to remain silent during his passage in front of the JLD.

“He didn’t tell the truth to escape his responsibilities. At the time of the accident, he was probably on the phone and further investigations need to be carried out to find out why he was on the road at that time ”, procrastinated the prosecutor.

Defending the trucker, Me Fabienne Lefevre recalled that pre-trial detention must be exceptional while judicial control would be sufficient in his eyes. “The gentleman left the scene of the accident to go to the Etang du Gol with his load, but he then returned spontaneously to the gendarmes”, she pleaded her case.

His request was heard. His client was placed under judicial supervision with the obligation to stay in Reunion Island and to check in every week at the Saint-André police station. He is prohibited from driving and entering into contact with the victim’s family and witnesses.

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