VIDEO – “This is not Kabul”: report in the heart of Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban

AFGHANISTAN – Since August 15, the Taliban have returned to power. Our special envoys went to Kandahar, a city in the south of the country and the historic cradle of the fundamentalist movement.

Kandahar occupies a special place in the Afghan imagination. Land of Molah Omar, father of the Taliban, the city has (re) become, with the return to power of the fundamentalists, the nerve center of political power in Afghanistan. “We don’t like democracy. We are against secularism, imperialism, socialism, realism, liberalism. We are for the Islamist Emirate”, launches a resident at TF1 in the video at the top of this article.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

In this cradle of Islamic fundamentalism, the traditions of the Pashtun tribes are immutable. “Here, it is not Kabul. We all wear beards and turban”, says a local resident. “For women, it’s the obligatory burka”, adds another.

The new political capital of Afghanistan

It is in this city, where a gigantic Taliban flag (200 m2 of surface area) flies, that the main political decisions are now taken in the country. Kandahar even receives regular visits from several of the main Taliban leaders, many of whom are from the region.

“New ministers come and go. They have a lot of meetings.”, slips one of the deputy mayor of the city. “Kandahar is the most important city for them [les talibans, ndlr]”, indicates to The cross Mike Martin, a former British Army officer, researcher at King’s College London. “The minute Kandahar falls, Afghanistan will fall too”, he also warned at the beginning of last August.

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Afghanistan’s main Koranic school is also located in Kandahar. Some of the country’s new masters were trained in this den. Many Taliban have studied and graduated there. Sometimes some even come back to give lectures. Despite everything, most Islamist insurgents remain illiterate. “10% of the Taliban have gone to school. The remaining 90% are simple combatants”, confirms the director of the establishment.

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