Vanessa Springora leaves the management of Julliard

The author of Consent will still continue to “collaborate” with the publishing house, explains a press release.

Editor Vanessa Springora, who became a successful novelist with The consent, the story that launched the Matzneff affair, will leave the management of Julliard, the Editis group announced on Monday. She spent less than two years in this position.

Vanessa Springora will continue to collaborate with Éditions Julliard, a house to which she is very attached, as an independent editor and collection director.The group wrote in a statement. It evokes the “Vanessa Springora’s wish to devote herself more to writing», Without further details.

Julliard had suffered in 2019 the departure of two renowned publishers, Bernard Barrault and Betty Mialet, who founded in 2020 their own house, Barrault-Mialet, within a competing group, Madrigall (Gallimard, Flammarion, etc.). The task was particularly heavy: the star authors of Julliard like Philippe Jaenada, Jean Teulé or Mazarine Pingeot have also left.

Matzneff case

His first book, The consent, published in January 2020 by Grasset, had shaken the world of letters. She described how, as a teenager, she had been drawn into a relationship under the influence with a writer who was close to 50.

A bookstore success, the book caused an electric shock, highlighting the subject of sexual violence against minors and the complacency that Gabriel Matzneff has enjoyed in the Parisian literary world.

The new director of Julliard editions is Stéphanie Chevrier, who will combine this function with the one she already held as director of La Découverte editions.

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