up to 7000 km with a full tank for this hybrid off-roader!

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The Fering Pioneer is an unprecedented cubic pickup that resembles a mix of several vehicles that have in common their ability to drive off the beaten track, their design robustness and their practicality for use in hostile environments. For now, the Pioneer only exists as a prototype with a roughly bodied chassis but it is the source of great promises from the young company Fering. The futuristic pick-up indeed embeds an electric traction system associated with a small battery allowing it up to 80 km of autonomy in full electric. Next, a small 800 cc 3-cylinder thermal engine powered by biodiesel acts as a generator or “range extender” to supply the battery permanently. It is a system that we had already seen appear on certain hybrid vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt, the Opel Ampera or the Fisker Karma (since become Karma Revero).


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Fering Pioneer (2022) | Photos of the hybrid off-roader

Fering Pioneer (2022)Photo Credit – Fering

The Fering Pioneer was developed thanks to Ben Scott-Geddes, an engineer who notably worked at Ferrari or McLaren. Inspired by the hybrid technology equipping the supercars of the two firms, it has developed a 100% electric all-wheel drive system based on two motors (one on each axle) and developing no less than 600 Nm of torque. The Pioneer thus equipped, it only remained to solve the problem of autonomy, which could have been provided by a heavy and expensive battery, but another solution was adopted. The all-terrain therefore finally equips itself with a small battery made up of lithium and titanium oxide cells rather than lithium-ion cells, which are more sensitive to temperature changes, as well as a compact thermal range extender.

In addition to these technical elements, the structure of the aluminum vehicle coupled with lightweight composite parts contribute to the reduction of the total mass of the vehicle, which nevertheless displays the dimensions of a small van. Thus, the Pioneer does not exceed the mass of a family sedan (about 1.5 tons). The outer panels are made of durable fabric. The large 22.5-inch off-road rims can accommodate a multitude of different tires, such as full-size truck tires, to ensure easy uptime in the most remote areas of the world.


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Fering Pioneer (2022) | Photos of the hybrid off-roader

Fering Pioneer (2022)Photo Credit – Fering

With its 100% electric traction hybrid system, the fuel consumption of the Fering Pioneer is two times lower than that of a diesel-powered all-terrain vehicle of similar size. The payload of the all-terrain vehicle is equal to its total mass, namely around 1,500 kg, enough to carry a significant amount of equipment. Let’s come to the autonomy of this ingenious all-terrain vehicle, estimated at 7000 km at best! Indeed, Fering indicates that with a large capacity tank (whose exact volume has not been revealed), the Pioneer would be able to travel in one go, without refueling, a little more than the distance separating Paris from New Delhi, India. If such autonomy is not necessary, part of the fuel tanks can also be used to transport water for example.

Modular, the chassis of the Fering Pioneer is also designed to accommodate a larger battery if needed, or different range extenders, such as alcohol engines or a fuel cell. What to adapt to the resources available in the geographical area where the vehicle is destined to be used. The first prototype of the Pioneer is already undergoing a rigorous testing process while mass production is slated for the first half of 2022 in the UK.

In short

The young British company Fering has developed a hybrid all-terrain vehicle with a double electric motor driving all four wheels (4×4 transmission) associated with a three-cylinder 800 cm3 thermal generator running on biodiesel. The latter acts as a range extender and can power the small battery of the system which, once fully charged, alone offers a range of 80 km in full-electric. Equipped with a “large capacity” tank, the Fering Pioneer can travel up to 7000 km with a single full tank, that is to say a little more than the distance separating Paris from New Delhi, in India!

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