“Tomorrow belongs to us” in advance: Victoire suspects Laetitia of having poisoned Clément and Jahia

“Tomorrow belongs to us” ahead and in preview with the detailed summary of episode 1019 of September 22 of DNA (Spoilers). On Wednesday, in your daily series, the noose tightens around Laetitia while Apollo takes his first steps as a music teacher. As for Raphaëlle’s father, he arrives in Sète!

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The full summary of episode 1018 of Tomorrow belongs to us from Tuesday, September 21, 2021 is also online. Good reading.

“Tomorrow is ours” Spoilers and Advance Summary of Episode 1019 of Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Apollo takes his first steps as a music teacher

Apollon Régent introduces himself to Chloe with an incredible CV. The young man has taught so far in associations and in the private sector. And at the moment, he is not in post because he took a caregiver leave. Apollo admits not having gone through the academy. He explains to Chloe having heard students complain about the lack of music lessons. The principal who really needs a teacher decides to hire Apollo. Although he has not prepared anything, the young man agrees to immediately give a lesson to the second students. Apollo immediately puts the students at ease. He does not want to follow the program to the letter, but to compose it with them. And for his first music lesson, Apollo asks the students to sing. When it comes to Lizzie’s turn, she amazes her audience by revealing a voice that is sublime to say the least. Even Jack didn’t know his sister had such a gift. At the end of the course, Apollo advises Lizzie to cultivate this talent.

Irene discovers that Chloe has hired a music teacher without warning her and is annoyed. She criticizes the principal for not having followed the recruitment procedure and reminds Chloe that each candidate must meet certain conditions. Irene regrets that Chloe does not take into account the rules. Chloe replies and asks her if falsifying a student’s file is in accordance with the procedure. Irene stands up to Chloe and the latter reminds the CPE that she is the one who makes the decisions. Irene is a bit cynical and asks Chloe not to count on her when all this falls on her.

SEbastien Perraud (Xavier Deluc) arrives in Sète

Before the start of classes, Raphaëlle shows her law firm to her daughters. The two teenage girls are already planning to do their homework on site and go swimming in the Thau pond. Sébastien, Raphaëlle’s father, arrives unexpectedly in his daughter’s offices. As she was not answering his calls, he asked Xavier for the address! This arrival is not really to the taste of the lawyer. Sébastien has taken a vacation and wants to spend time with his family. But Raphaëlle is not used to so much solicitude. Sébastien regrets that his daughter has moved overnight without telling her anything. He also regrets that Raphaëlle draws a line on her career in Paris. Raphaëlle explains to her father that she simply wants to enjoy her daughters and have a more human rhythm of life. In the evening, Sébastien invites Raphaëlle, his daughters and Xavier to dinner at the Spoon. But this is the opportunity for Raphaëlle to settle accounts with this father who was so absent during her childhood … Sébastien admits not having insured and not only, he hopes to have the right to a second chance, but he also wants to be at the height of the situation as a grandfather.

Victoire has suspicions about Laetitia, Irene makes a disturbing discovery

Jahia is hospitalized. Irene and Cédric are at his bedside. The teenager looks better and it seems that her discomfort is due to a huge stroke of fatigue. Dr Lazzari requested further examinations. And while waiting for the results, the teenager must rest. On leaving the bedroom, Victoire crosses paths with Laetitia Lefranc in the hallway. She makes a whole bunch of hypotheses to determine the pathology from which Jahia suffers.

Victoire finds Georges. The young woman has for a few days a bout that does not pass and she is unpleasant with her companion. This one feels that there is something else and wonders if Victoire does not continue to blame the death of Clément Lefranc. Victoire tells her companion of the strange fascination that Laetitia showed earlier in the day.

Victoire then visits Jahia to make sure everything is okay. While discussing with the young girl, Victoire discovers that Laetitia gives her spirulina and that Jahia took several capsules the day of her discomfort. The young woman wonders about Jahia’s state of health. She goes to the police station. Dr Lazzari explains to Martin and Georges that Jahia has the same unexplained symptoms as Clément. She suspects Laetitia Lefranc of wanting to control Jahia’s health as she had done for that of her son. The two police officers have no evidence that incriminates Clément’s mother and Georges promises his companion that they will remain vigilant. But Victoire shines.

Dr Lazzari goes to high school to talk to Irene and she asks Chloe to be present. Victoire tries to warn Irene against Laetitia Lefranc but she refuses to believe that her best friend could have administered something toxic to her daughter. After her work, Irene comes to see Jahia before the end of the visits and Laetitia has not moved from the hospital since this morning. Irene begins to become suspicious and she insists that Jahia does not take any more spirulina or anything else. other .. While Irene leaves the hospital, Laetitia decides to stay with Jahia. To dispel her doubts and to get to the bottom of it, Irene starts to search her best friend’s room. Under the mattress of Laetitia’s bed, Irene discovers stolen prescriptions …

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