Thierry Henry tells about his return to the lawns of L1

Leading consultant of Ligue 1 for Amazon Prime Video, Thierry Henry challenges by his facility on the edge of the grounds of the championship of France. Maintaining a clear complicity with the players of L1, the former Gunners scorer (228 goals, 105 assists in 376 matches) seems to take extreme pleasure in this new role, as evidenced by his remarks for The Parisian : “It’s just fun. They put us in very good conditions. I’m lucky to be with good guys, Ben (Cheyrou), Thibault (Le Rol), Smaïl (Bouabdellah). We are a good team and it also allows me to reconnect with the French public and the L1. Everywhere, in the stadiums, we receive a really nice welcome. There are beautiful atmospheres, beautiful lawns, and even if we can no longer play, of course, we find good feelings. “

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Impressing his respective colleagues by his rigor and his accuracy of analysis, the current assistant of Roberto Martinez at the head of the Belgian selection also evokes the emotions found under this new costume: “I find it normal to work to prepare for the matches. I’ve always done it like this and I love it. Apart from my brief stint as a trainer in Monaco, it’s been a long time since I left France, since I lost this closeness to L1 and the public. This role of consultant at Amazon allows me to redo my journey and relive certain emotions. When I arrive in a stadium, I walk in the corridors, I go to the lawn. And the emotions are coming back… I came back to Monaco, where it all started for me, where I scored my first goals in L1. It has to do something. On Saturday, I saw Bollaert again, I remembered that this is where I had my first selection for the French team. I also remembered a goal I scored in Warmuz, the action that preceded it. Everywhere, I remember beautiful memories, games, moments. But in Bollaert, it was even more intense. ”

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