“There are obviously reasons, we accept it”

On August 31, Michel Sarran created a surprise by announcing that he would not participate in the next edition of “Top Chef”. “I will no longer be part of the jury next season, M6 having decided to change the jury“Said the Toulouse chef on his Instagram account. A disillusionment for the starred chef who had been on the jury for the cooking show since season 6 in 2015.”When I found out, it made my heart ache. It was a bit violent. I was not expecting it at all. Why me ? What motivated their decision? What did I do wrong? I did not get an answer“, confided this emblematic figure in an interview with the Parisian.

During the “Objectif Top Chef” press conference, Philippe Etchebest spoke of this departure. “I am inevitably sad because a page turns but here it is life, we move on to something else “, he was moved. Chamberlain, the host of “Cauchemar en cuisine” also slipped a little word about his successor, Glenn Viel, 41, the youngest three-star chef in France. “We are going to smash him, he will regret coming like Paul Pairet“, he joked. And to conclude on the surprise ousting of Michel Sarran:”It brings back another dynamic. I am not in the minds of decision-makers, there are necessarily reasons, we accept it. It’s part of the thing, it’s not the first time that there have been changes in the jury “, he nuanced.


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