the winner played in Sausheim

We already knew that the jackpot in the Loto draw on June 30, € 4 million (million euros), had been won in the Haut-Rhin (our editions of July 2). We know more today. The winning ticket was validated at the Urrich tobacco press in Sausheim, revealed the Française des Jeux (FDJ). And the winner is a regular player. “She always ticks the same numbers, numbers that have special value in her eyes. “

When she discovered that her fetish grid had earned her this win of € 4 million, the happy player called her friend, who sensed from the start of the conversation that an important event had occurred: “He m ‘immediately called out:’ ‘What’s going on? Did you win the Loto? ” He couldn’t think so well! », Reported with a smile the winner to the FDJ.

“It’s an incredible event in a lifetime”

Winning such an amount in the Loto, “it’s an incredible event in a lifetime”, commented the new millionaire who, while awaiting payment, had put her ballot under her internet box – Stan Ludwiczak, sector sales representative of the FDJ, informs the players that it is however better to avoid putting your ballot near a heat source, the paper is sensitive! With her gain, the big winner plans “to have fun, but also to spoil those around her,” she told the French games player.

Virginie and Hervé Urrich, who have been running the Sausheim tobacco for eleven years, had never had a winner of this rank before and they welcomed the news with joy. “You are proud to have at least once a jackpot!” It happens that in a tobacconist’s life, you do not have this chance, ”observed the manager on Monday. And his wife adds, laughing: “Now, we are sure that it really exists! “

This gain of € 4 million in the Loto enters the top 5 of the biggest winnings at FDJ games in Haut-Rhin, after three wins at EuroMillions (€ 40.4 million in Colmar in 2015, 36.1 million € at Porte du Ried in 2018 and € 14.7 million at Altkirch in 2010) and tied with the € 4 million won in the Loto in June 2018 in Mulhouse.

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