“The whole Belmondo family is shocked” by the release of Carlos Sotto Mayor’s book on Bébel

The release, this Wednesday, September 22, of “Jean Paul. My man from Rio ”(Flammarion, 227 p., 19 euros), a book that Carlos Sotto Mayor, who was his companion in the 1980s, devotes to the actor of the“ Magnificent ”, who died this month at the age 88, is unwelcome in the Belmondo camp.

“The whole Belmondo family is shocked by the attitude of Madame Sotto Mayor, confides Me Michel Godest, lawyer and friend of the actor for thirty-five years in Parisien – Today in France. She is shocked by the publication of this book just days after the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo. It is indecent. None of his companions has ever given up to the public their intimate life with him. “

“She wanted to keep him to himself, to keep him away from those close to her”

Beyond the publication of this work, the family of the actor is, according to Michel Godest, “also shocked by the attitude that Carlos Sotto Mayor had during these last years”. And the defender added: “I leave Madame Sotto Mayor facing her conscience as to her astonishing presentation of things. I have always been very close to Jean-Paul and therefore know the truth. “

According to the one who was charged by the Belmondo family to announce, on September 6, the disappearance of the actor, Carlos Sotto Mayor “imposed itself” in the life of Bébel in the spring of 2020: “She wanted to keep him for him, keep him away from his relatives, his family… She made him take lots of photos and videos during the summer of 2020 ”.

“Of course, Jean-Paul liked to have fun, but Carlos Sotto Mayor exhausted him and took advantage of him to make his media comeback,” accuses Me Godest. “And why, if she was madly in love, did she suddenly disappear without giving any news after last spring?” “

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