The praise of Génésio towards the Sampaoli team

At no time has Stade Rennais been worrying this Sunday against OM. The fault of a coherent game plan of the Marseillais but also the lack of tactical ambition of the Bretons. Bruno Génésio was not happy with his players…

Stade Rennais spent their time defending against OM, with two lines of fours in a defensive position. Bruno Génésio’s game plan tried to adapt to that of Jorge Sampaoli, but clearly lacked personality. The Rennes coach, however, highlighted the lack of aggressiveness of his team at the end of the match, highlighting the quality of play of Olympique de Marseille.

It’s hard to resist – Génésio

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When you concede a goal, in general, it is because there are faults. Obviously the opponent is playing well, but what I regret are these two goals on gross fouls and a lack of aggressiveness. Offensively, we didn’t create enough chances either. They are effective. By putting a lot of pressure on yourself and having waves that keep coming back, it’s hard to be able to resist. I would have liked us to be a little fairer in our ball outings when recovering the ball ” Bruno Génésio– Source: Post-match conf (09/19/21)

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