the civil status remembers the first name “Vladimir Poutine”

For the Swedish tax authorities, the use of the name of the Russian president entered into “inappropriate” first names.

The Swedish civil registry refused to allow a couple to name their son “Vladimir Poutine“, Considering that the use of the name of the Russian leader fell into the banned category of first names”inappropriate“, We learned Monday from the competent authority.

The first name must not be able to offend, or be able to cause embarrassment to the person bearing the name, or be able to be considered inappropriate for any reason.”, According to the decision of the Swedish tax authorities, competent in the matter.

Vladimir” and “Putin»Taken together

Last names are not suitable as first names, this also applies to names that resemble surnames“, Estimates Skatteverket in this decision at the beginning of September. The parents, who live in a small village in southern Sweden, chose to call their son “Vladimir Putin“, The current transcription of the name of the Russian president in Swedish as in English.

The Swedish tax authorities also refused to consider that “Vladimir” and “PutinCan be considered as two distinct first names. “The tax authority decides in this case that the Vladimir Putin combination must be assessed in its entirety“. As a consolation, the letter announcing the rejection of the request contained a new first name registration form.

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