the ambitious project “The House of Gaunt” on Voldemort finally available

After three years of hard work, the film project dedicated to Voldemort finally sees the light of day. Much to the delight of their directors Joris Faucon Grimaud and Thomas Rokita.

The House of Gaunt: The Origins of Voldemort. Credit: Grimaud Productions

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The House of Gaunt: The Origins of Voldemort, fan film centered on the one-must-not-say-the-name is finally available, for free on the internet. This 33-minute short film has been available for a few days on the Vimeo platform.

Filmed with a team of 80 volunteers, all Potterheads, The House of Gaunt: The Origins of Voldemort tells – as its title indicates – the youth then the rise of Voldemort, interpreted here by the French actor Maxence Danet-Fauvel (Skam).

“The House of Gaunt”, a Franco-British project

Credit: Grimaud Productions

A long-term project for our two French, fans of the saga, which began in March 2017. This is a new complementary fan film which is directly inspired by the work of JK Rowling and in particular from the sixth part , The Half-Blood Prince.

If the film is not official, it nevertheless has the merit of attracting millions of fans of the wizard with glasses, Harry Potter.

At the start of the year, the first trailer unveiled had generated 1 million views in a few days. A great ad for the film made in just 12 days for a budget of 62,000 euros (via crowdfunding).

A great event came to reward the work of the Franco-British team when The House of Gaunt: The Origins of Voldemort was screened in five Parisian theaters when it was launched on September 15.

The co-director, Joris Faucon Grimaud, expressed his enthusiasm to our colleagues atAllocine : ” Before the previews and the meeting with the public, we are very happy that the film is accessible to as many people as possible. “.

Discover the short film below.

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