Tenth Saturday of the demonstration, more than 4.6 million dead worldwide … update on the coronavirus

New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

The situation in France

The decline in the number of patients continues

The number of patients with Covid-19 and hospitalized continued to decline on Saturday, as did the positivity rate, while the threshold of 50 million first-time vaccinated was crossed on Friday.

In total, 8,912 patients are in hospital, against 9,070 on Friday, with 243 new admissions, according to data from Public Health France. In critical care services, the number of Covid-19 patients is 1,837, against 1,891 on Friday, with 68 new admissions.

The Scientific Council for more screening at school

The screening for Covid-19 should be systematic and weekly in primary school in France, recommends an opinion of the Scientific Council of September 13 which was not made public, consulted by Le Monde. Only positive children should then be sent home, instead of the whole class according to the protocol currently in force.

“In middle and high schools, the opinion recommends screening, from the day after the appearance of a proven case, all students of the same level (and not just students of the same class, given the large mixing of adolescents among themselves). But, then, it would suffice to isolate only the positive pupils, ”indicates Le Monde.

Tenth Saturday of demonstrations

For the tenth consecutive week, 180 demonstrations against the health pass were scheduled for Saturday in France. Some 17,000 demonstrators were expected in Paris and 80,000 to 120,000 in the rest of the country. The epidemic is calming down in France so well that President Emmanuel Macron said he was ready on Thursday to “lift certain constraints” in “territories where the virus circulates less quickly”, without giving a deadline.

In Spain, a party brings together 25,000 students

Nearly 25,000 people took part in an outdoor party to mark the start of the school year at a university in Madrid, without respecting anti-Covid instructions, police said on Saturday, admitting to having been taken aback. According to Spanish media, this is the largest such gathering since the start of the pandemic, when outdoor gatherings were banned.

“There were thousands of people on the campus of Complutense University, about 25,000” in the night from Friday to Saturday, explained in a statement the municipal police, specifying that the event seems to have been organized via Whatsapp.

More than 200 arrests in Melbourne

More than 200 protesters were arrested and six police officers injured on Saturday in Melbourne, Australia, in violent clashes with protesters opposed to containment. Melbourne has been confined since the end of July for the sixth time since the start of the pandemic. The state of Victoria, where it is located, recorded some 500 cases of Covid-19 on Saturday. Sydney has been confined since the end of June.

During most of the pandemic, Australia recorded one of the lowest contamination rates in the world thanks to its “zero Covid” strategy, consisting of strict border closures, tracing of contact cases and intense campaigns screening. The Australian city will come out of containment at the end of October, if the target of 70% of the vaccinated adult population is reached, according to a “road map” released on Sunday.

The balance sheet in the world

The pandemic of the new coronavirus has killed at least 4,678,016 people around the world since the end of December 2019, according to a report established by AFP from official sources on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. GMT.

The United States are the country with the most deaths (673,441) ahead of the Brazil (589,573 dead), theIndia (444.529), the Mexico (270.538), and the Peru with (198.948).

The WHO estimates, taking into account the excess mortality directly and indirectly linked to Covid-19, that the toll of the pandemic could be two to three times higher.

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