Submarine crisis: London’s “love” for Paris “is ineradicable”, says Boris Johnson

Attempt to win back. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday underlined the “immense importance” of the relationship between the United Kingdom and France, and London’s “ineradicable” love for Paris.

Du re-en, in the hope of appeasing the French anger towards its English, American and Australian allies, since the French submarine crisis and the loss of an arms contract signed in 2016 with Australia, worth 56 billion euros.

Indeed, Washington, Canberra and London announced Wednesday a strategic partnership to counter China, AUKUS, including the supply of American submarines to Canberra. They had to be French initially.

Paris is furious at having lost “the contract of the century”. So with these few words said during a trip to the United States, Boris Johnson tries to restore the links: the United Kingdom and France have “a very friendly relationship”, of “immense importance”, a- he declared, according to the British agency Press Association.

“This partnership is by no means meant to be a zero sum, it is not meant to be exclusionary,” said Boris Johnson, “it’s not something anyone has to worry about and in particular not our French friends ”.

This statement comes as a meeting with the United Kingdom, scheduled for this week in London, “will not take place on French cancellation,” said a source in the cabinet of Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces.

A telephone exchange planned between Macron and Biden

The breach of this contract is considered “serious” by French diplomacy, which denounces “lies” and a “breach of confidence”. Friday, September 17, President Emmanuel Macron recalled the French ambassadors to Canberra and Washington in an unprecedented gesture.

Without completely breaking off the dialogue: “President Biden has asked to speak to the President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron) and there will be a telephone exchange in the next few days,” French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Sunday. “We want explanations” on what “is akin to a major breach of confidence”, and also know “how they intend to leave this contract”, with “compensation” to the key, he said Sunday on BFMTV.

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