Sopra Steria’s alleged interest in Atos scares the stock market, Company news

This is the biggest drop on Monday within the SRD. Sopra Steria plunged more than 10% at the low of the session. IT services company reportedly interested in digital transformation group of companies Atos, reports BFM Business, as well as Thales elsewhere, even Capgemini and Orange.

It must be said that, despite its fall of nearly 40% on the stock market since the beginning of the year, Atos still weighs a little more than 5 billion euros in capitalization. This is 50% more than the 3.5 billion euros of Sopra Steria, hence the fear of operators facing a possible fundraising to finance such an operation.

Last Wednesday, the president of the group Pierre Pasquier raised the Atos subject in front of employee representatives, the website further indicates. ” He looks at the file because he is always on the lookout for external growth, explains one of the elected officials. But he recognized that Atos was fat “.

Funds also on the lookout

Thales would only be interested in key cybersecurity activities. The defense electronics specialist had already refuted any interest in the entire digital transformation group.

One thing is certain, the Atos file is closely watched by many manufacturers but also by private equity players. At the beginning of August, the stock had suddenly soared by more than 10% on a Friday afternoon, in reaction to information relayed by the agency. Bloomberg according to which the company would be the object of an interest on the part of certain investment funds.

The DealReporter website, a specialist in the compilation of data relating to mergers and acquisitions, specifically mentioned the Cinven, KKR, Advent and Bain funds, citing sources familiar with the matter.

A sensitive issue

But the government is not about to let Atos be dismantled and its strategic activities fall into uncertain hands. Between cybersecurity, quantum computing and supercomputers inherited from the Bull era, the group has highly sensitive activities that the authorities cannot decently let slip away.

On the other hand, at these price levels, the group could also be of interest to reference shareholders, Orange being among the most cited. The title is very discounted, at 9 times its estimated results for 2022. In addition, if the group found a solution for its historical unprofitable activities, it could return to decent growth and profitability.

Atos left the Cac 40 on Monday, replaced by bio-analysis champion Eurofins Scientific.

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