Sonic Colors: Ultimate, an update available on Switch to correct big visual problems, ouch …

In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, you join Sonic in a breathtaking new adventure! The infamous Dr. Eggman has built a huge interstellar amusement park that houses tracks and rides as colorful as they are wacky. Unfortunately, he feeds it by enslaving captured aliens, the Wisps. Your mission is simple: free them! This version brings a lot of fun modes and recently got an update.

Based on player feedback, it looks like SEGA could have solved a glitch major. Indeed, some people have encountered a variety of issues since launch, but one of the most important concerns involves visual distortion which can cause seizures for the most sensitive. Everything has been settled, phew! However the videographer TWIP immediately released a video after the update showing the many bugs spared by this update.

Note that SEGA confirmed that it will continue to release regular updates to best improve the player experience.

You can pick up Sonic Colors: Ultimate on Amazon from € 29.99.

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