“She tended to look down on me”

The Koh-Lanta adventure, The legend continues tomorrow evening on TF1. From now on, the teams are mixed with on one side the Koror (the reds) and on the other, the LantaNaï (the yellow ones). But it is men against women that the candidates started this adventure … and logically, during these first days of survival together, the adventurers evoked strategies. On the girls’ side, it was Coumba who launched the idea of ​​an alliance of girls, an alliance to be held as long as possible, at least until reunification. With the boys, the idea was more or less the same … even if in the end it was a boy, Maxime, who was sacrificed during the last episode. The young survival guide was deemed too unreliable by the strong group of yellow, made up of Claude, Sam, Philippe … and Coumba. A choice that suits the latter, who sees here her girl power strategy hold the course.

If there is one who is very happy to no longer be in the Coumba team, it is Alexandra. Now a member of the red team, alongside her great friend Loïc, the winner of the Quatre Terres edition feels freer in her new group. In an interview with Ouest-France, she talks about her strained relationship with Coumba. “I have nothing against her. She’s a ‘loudmouth’ like Alix and that’s not something that bothers me. But on the camp, I felt that she was talking badly about me. uncomfortable. She had a tendency to look down on me, to say that (…)

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