She drinks her urine to breastfeed her children and save them

Off the coast of Venezuela, a mother, her two children and their nanny drifted for four days before they could be recovered by rescuers. Drinking her urine and breastfeeding her children, the mother did not survive.

On September 3, a boat with 9 passengers ran aground at sea due to a wave, according to Newsweek. Mariely Chacon, 40, found herself on a lifeboat with her 2-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son and their 25-year-old nanny. Without water and food, the mother was forced to drink her urine to breastfeed her two children and prevent them from dying of hunger and dehydration.

A saving gesture for her children who were recovered unharmed but fatal for herself since she would have died of dehydration. A process accelerated by breastfeeding, according to forensic scientists.

“A simple excursion”

The nanny was also rescued and hospitalized at a hospital in Caracas, the country’s capital. However, the other five passengers on the boat were not found. There were the father, three friends of the couple and a crew member. Their chances of survival are slim.

The funeral of Mariely Chacon on September 11th moved a whole country.

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