SFR is already breaking prices on all models!

Want to buy iPhone 13? SFR has excellent promotional offers for the launch. They are accessible from 179 euros.

The iPhone 13s are available for pre-orders. It is rare to see promotions on iPhones, and even when they have just been released. However, there is a solution for the cheapest: the SFR store. The operator in the red square already grants discounts on the latest Apple products. It is possible to afford an iPhone 13 from 179 euros + 8 euros per month with a SFR package. In detail: the offers are as follows:

To obtain these rates, you will also have to subscribe to a SFR 120 GB package. Particularly complete and suitable for the iPhone 13 because of its 5G compatibility, it will cost you only 35 euros per month for the first year. The iPhone 13s are also at a reduced price with other plans, but it is with the 120 GB offer that the price is the most interesting. Even more expensive formulas do not in fact make it possible to obtain such low prices for the Apple smartphone.

Take advantage of SFR’s offers

The SFR 120 GB package: perfect for the iPhone 13

If SFR has chosen to offer a particularly aggressive price with its 120 GB formula, it is no coincidence. This offer is undoubtedly the one that best corresponds to the uses you will make of your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro. As its suggests, this package therefore includes 120 GB of Internet in 4G or 5G. This is perfectly in agreement since the iPhone 13s support 5G. And since 5G goes fast, it’s tempting to use it regularly. With 120 GB, you can stream content, download games and surf in 5G without really having to worry about your consumption. The same goes for calls, SMS and MMS in France: they are unlimited.

Abroad, this package is not stingy either with 100 GB of mobile Internet from Europe, the French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra and the United Kingdom as well as unlimited calls, SMS & MMS from there. ‘Europe, the French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra and England. You can therefore move around the old continent at will and take advantage of the package almost exactly the way you would in France. This package will therefore cover all your uses for only 35 euros per month the first year then 50 euros per month. It assumes a 24-month commitment.

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By the way, what do the iPhone 13 have in store?

For the 2021 – 2022 season, Apple has again given us a very satisfactory update, but a little less visible, because it focuses more on technical aspects than aesthetic. Externally, there are actually only two notable changes: a narrower and therefore more discreet notch as well as a rearrangement of the photo block on the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini. Note also the arrival of an “Alpine Blue” color on the iPhone 13 Pro which is, let’s face it, particularly successful.

The Alpine Blue is a real success. Image: Apple

On the technical level, however, OLED screens are improving to be brighter, and switch to 120 Hz on Pro models for even smoother animations. The diagonals remain unchanged with 5.4 (iPhone 13 Mini), 6.1 (iPhone 13 and 13 Pro) and 6.7 inches (iPhone 13 Pro Max). We will appreciate the power gain offered by the new A15 Bionic processor which should once again receive the award for the fastest smartphone processor on the market. A guarantee of daily fluidity and above all durability. Your iPhone 13 will be able to spend several years by your side without showing any signs of fatigue.

Apple has also put a lot of effort into the photo part. We keep the same number of sensors – 2 on the iPhone 13 and 3 on the 13 Pro – but they are not identical to last year. Whether on the iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, they enlarge to capture more light and thus significantly improve night photos. No change on the ultra-wide-angle sensor, still at 120 °, on the other hand, the zoom of the iPhone 13 Pro goes to 3x instead of 2x on the iPhone 12 Pro. Note also the arrival of several photo and video capture modes including the impressive “Cinematic Mode” which provides superb effects.

Finally, the battery has been improved throughout the range, which gains between 1h30 and 2h30 of autonomy depending on the model. For the rest, the iPhones retain their advantages inherited from the previous series. We first think of “MagSafe” wireless charging and water resistance up to 6 meters deep for 30 minutes. Let’s not forget Apple’s “Ceramic Shield” which drastically increases the resistance of the screen. Once again, it is a guarantee of sustainability.

Take advantage of SFR’s offers

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