Rolls Royce successfully completes the first flight of its all-electric aircraft

Rolls Royce has just completed the first flight of its electric plane and now intends to break the world speed record.

When we speak of Rolls-Royce, we first think of English sedans, the height of luxury and the perfect gentleman’s vehicle in all its glory. The finest historians will also have in mind the Rolls-Royce engines which have long equipped British Airways planes.
But if it is indeed aviation that is in question today, the English firm is breaking away from its historical roadmap, and is offering an … electric aircraft.
With nearly 3% of carbon emissions, the aviation industry is on the radar of many environmental associations and reports, the latter must change and reduce its impact on the environment if it does not want to disappear.
In this search for new energies to continue flying, electricity seems to be an interesting solution, although more difficult to install on an airplane than on a car.

An electric plane ready for 2026?

While waiting to market electric planes, Rolls-Royce begins by working on the production of engines compatible with biofuels, they should enter the industry by 2023. Regarding zero carbon flights, we will have to wait 2030.

The last point on the roadmap is the development of a fully electric aircraft. If it is not ready to be marketed in the coming years, a prototype has however just successfully completed the first flight of this new type of aircraft. Equipped with a 400 kW motor, it also featured the densest battery ever created in the company’s own words.
The British company hopes to break the world record for the fastest electric plane before COP26, the United Nations climate conference to be held in Glasgow in November.

For the moment, electric aircraft projects are still in the test phases, but Rolls-Royce is working jointly with the Norwegian company Wideroe, and hopes to be able to offer an all-electric aircraft by 2026. What reconciles ecological souls with the world of aviation?

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