Prince Andrew accused of sexual abuse, damning new clichés resurface

At first glance, the noose tightens around Prince Andrew. Indeed, the son of Elizabeth II of England must today face overwhelming photos in this case of aggression for which he is being prosecuted in the United States. As a reminder, a young American indeed accuses him of having abused her. If so far, the criminal case had not advanced much, a recent element could change everything. Objeko tells you more about the underside of this story.

Prince Andrew: photos that may have serious consequences

Recall of facts

For many months now, the prince one day found at the heart of a scandal which is also a court case. At the end of 2019, it was effectively applied in the case Epstein become world famous. In order not to discredit the British royal family, the Duke of York then withdrew from all his public engagements. Another blow for Queen Elizabeth II who certainly did not need this. Indeed, one of the victims of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein claims to have been ”Offered“ to prominent personalities.

This young woman indeed accuses Prince Andrew of having abused her and therefore of being an accomplice in this extremely high profile affair. As a result, Virginia files a lawsuit against Prince Andrew and claims she was assaulted when she was just 17. Quickly, the son of Elizabeth II of England therefore supports be innocent, but that he stands ready to respond to the demands of American justice. However, this does not appear to be the case. The plaintiff’s lawyers indeed claim to have tried on numerous occasions to contact the prince without success. Charles’ brother says he never received any mail from US authorities or legal advice from Virginia. Yet there is evidence.

Overwhelming photos

After the filing of this complaint in New York, Prince Andrew would have really tried to turn a deaf ear. Entrenched in Windsor Palace, it would now be found in Balmoral where he shows himself mysteriously discreet. An attitude that does not seem to be to the liking of the judge in charge of this case. Indeed, Elizabeth’s son was summoned to appear in court from August 27. However, Harry Williams’ uncle never responded to this summons. According to his lawyers, he would in fact never have received the documents inviting him to attend this hearing. Ulcerated by this attitude, the complainant’s legal counsel decided to react.

Indeed, the accuser of Prince Andrew claims to have the evidence that everything was made in the rules. She publishes photos which prove that an employee of the London office of her lawyers is mailing the documents in question. In the image, it is indeed possible to recognize a letter to the attention of Prince Andrew with an address which is none other than his private mansion in Windsor Great which is a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle. As Virginia lawyers recall, this is actually the 5th time the same mail has been sent.

An attempt to escape justice

According to American lawyers, everything was done according to the rules of the art: “We thought we had met the requirements to deliver the mail to him and we filed proof of notification last Friday.” However, Prince Harry still has not reacted. In order to find a solution, the British High Court proposes to act as intermediaries with the American authorities. Nevertheless, there seems to be a certain reluctance in Elizabeth’s son to get things done: “Prince Andrew’s lawyers have indicated that he may seek to challenge the High Court’s decision to recognize the validity of the request for service of the Hague Convention made by the plaintiff’s lawyers”.

In short, Prince Andrew would do anything to avoid having to appear before a judge. He seems to want to drag things out thanks to procedural games and the legal complexity of the case. Between American, British and European law, the lawyers of the prince andrew could therefore dragging out the case for months, even years. Moreover, he does not recognize the facts and continues to claim his innocence. An interpretation obviously denied by the main interested party who has repeated, on numerous occasions, to have been the unwilling victim of the queen’s son. In any case, this is a case that should still make people talk for a long time about itself if the complainant does everything possible to speed things up.

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