Panic in the cryptocurrency markets: dark night on Bitcoin (BTC), which unscrews below € 39,000

The weekend went rather quietly in the cryptocurrency market, but that was without counting on the night from Sunday to Monday, which will make more than one jump when waking up.

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Sunday night fever for Bitcoin

So the market shows us a bad look of bear market. A news that should delight the most agile among you this week.

Technical analysis of Bitcoin against the dollar
Bitcoin price against the dollar (1W)

It is therefore a sad scenario that chance will have chosen, among others, but several points should attract your attention:

  1. The potential 1D fence overnight, below the 50 daily BTC / USD moving average;
  2. a possible altcoins pump, often a sign of a paradigm shift – which we are not seeing at the moment, since altcoins also take their broth from families;
  3. From violent bearish movements after a sharp drop in volatility;
  4. a lower potential weekly peak than the previous one.

A weak BTC / USD could theoretically be conducive to a famous supercycle on ALT / BTC… except that, for the moment, it reacts badly.

So how far will we dive this time, and how will you react? Remember! We keep calm, and we prepare for turbulence.

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