Nintendo Switch: a new controller in the works?

It seems that Nintendo is working on a new controller, the specifics of which are still unknown to the general public.

In a few weeks, Nintendo will launch its new Nintendo Switch OLED internationally. If this console does not promise big changes from the old one, Nintendo could have more surprises in store for us in a few months. Indeed, our colleagues from Video Game Chronicle have spotted a case concerning a controller, which Nintendo allegedly filed with the Federal Communications Commission of the United States.

For the moment, most of the information in this file is confidential, and will remain so for at least 180 days. This means that its content could be revealed to the general public in about 6 months, directly via an official announcement from Nintendo. Some details are nevertheless available and suggest that Nintendo plans to release a new rechargeable controller.

Nintendo Switch new controller
Credit: VGC

This has an identification number starting with HAC, which is the suffix linked to all Nintendo Switch products. Its full number is HAC-043, which may both suggest that this controller could be the same genre as the SNES controller that came out for the Switch, or that it is the last assigned ID number.

However, recent rumors have established that Nintendo may be releasing more retro games on its new console, so a tuned controller would be a possible option. According to VGC, we will therefore have to wait 6 months before hearing from this secret project. In the meantime, the Nintendo Switch OLED will be available for sale from October 8 at the recommended price of € 359. The classic Switch, meanwhile, goes at a suggested price of 300 €.

Nintendo Switch OLED at the best price Base price: 359 €

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