Mylène Farmer, a documentary that stands out from the rest

The Canal + group channel broadcasts a detailed portrait of the singer who celebrated her 60th birthday on September 12

Mylène Farmer has become rare on TV sets, so it’s always an event, for fans of the singer, when a new documentary is broadcast on the small screen. The ace! Generally, they look alike and we find the same extracts from shows and clips. In short, nothing really new. It is clear that the In the hearts of the French: Mylène Farmer directed by Guillaume Genton and Thibault Gitton (H2O / Genton Productions) stands out and in particular by its abundance of images little or less diffused.

Little broadcast images

For example, when a title from Mylène Farmer’s career, such as Libertine Where Without Counterfeit, is mentioned, it is illustrated by a mix of different extracts from TV passages of the singer in the process of interpreting it and very often these are archives very rarely rebroadcast. The passages chosen where we see Mylène Farmer interviewed on TV are also rare, such as the one where Patrick Poivre d’Arvor asks her why she chose to pose with a crow for the album cover The other (1991) – a bird dear to Edgar Allan Poe, a novelist loved by the singer (and featured on the poster for her new tour).

Relatives of the singer’s life and a trip to Canada

H2O / Genton Productions

The documentary also brings together people close to Mylène Farmer’s life when she was unknown. Guillaume Genton’s team traveled to Quebec, the singer’s country of birth, to retrace her childhood and schooling. We see the house in which she grew up in Pierrefonds – she was the third of four siblings, but also the private Catholic college Sainte Marcelline in which she received a handpicked education from the sisters. Is questioned his first teacher, Yolande, who remembers, photo in support, a little Mylène “shy, attentive and obedient“. The documentary also found Florence Michaud, her riding teacher (same photo in support, where we discover a brunette Mylène, her face eaten by a huge bangs).

A “good living and funny” artist in private

Daniel Mesguich, his teacher at Cours Florent, also testifies, but also, the only dramatic passage of the documentary, Josiane Pigaglio, the sister of Jean-François Pigaglio, the switchboard operator of the Polydor record company, shot down by an unbalanced fan of Mylène Farmer on November 12 1991. After this tragedy, the singer, traumatized, becomes more secret and less present: “She protects her privacy and her life»Analyzes the psychiatrist Dr. Stéphane Clerget who intervenes in the documentary. Relevant, the interventions of Benoît Cachin, journalist of the French song, biographer of Mylène Farmer, punctuate the documentary. Among the speakers Jean-Paul Gaultier, who made it scroll and who dressed it for his shows, testifies on the pleasure he has to rub shoulders with the star in private: “We do not imagine but in real life, Mylène is a very good living, fun, funny, with a great sense of humor, always attentive to everything that is happening and very learned“.

This number of In the heart of French is being broadcast while the ticket office for Nevermore 2023 will open very soon, on October 1, for Mylène Farmer’s next giant stadium tour. For the 8th show of her career, Mylène Farmer will perform in stadiums in 8 cities for 11 exceptional concerts in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, in June and July 2023.

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