More than a million sales for Tesla in 2022?

Let’s face it, five years ago we would have had all the trouble in the world imagining Tesla overtaking Volvo and Lexus. However, given the results of the American brand over the first half of the year, we are forced to review our initial observation. Tesla delivered 421,000 vehicles between January and June 2021: if the pace is maintained until December (this is what Elon Musk hopes, who puts enormous pressure on his employees by asking them to work miracles) , Tesla should then exceed the bar of 800,000 sales and settle as the “fourth” man behind the German infernal trio.

What about 2022? An analysis by US investment firm Wedbush Securities sees Tesla at 1.3 million deliveries. Remember that before the crisis, Audi, which is third in the ranking of premium brands, had sold 1.8 million vehicles. Clearly, Tesla still remains far from the Germans, but would get dangerously close.

The American company, which tends to be very optimistic (“bullish”) on Tesla forecasts, was counting on a stock market title at 1250 dollars. To reach 1.3 million deliveries, Wedbush Securities relies on a favorable context with the completion of the construction of the European plant near Berlin and that of Texas. With these two sites, Tesla could indeed take a step forward, but there is the question of competition which will, at the same time, take the gallon.

The delay accumulated by BMW, Audi and Mercedes in the electric vehicle against Tesla could however be complicated to fill, even if the Californian manufacturer were to seduce customers of German models by opening them the barrier of the famous Superchargers.

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