Michel Sarran fired from Top Chef: “There are reasons …” announces Philippe Etchebest

Emblematic figure of the program, Michel Sarran was dismissed from Top chef after seven years of good and loyal service. An unexpected announcement for viewers but also for his comrades in the famous M6 culinary competition. Hélène Darroze, Paul Pairet and Philippe Etchebest showed their friendship in the face of this decision. The Bordeaux chef speaks once again about the departure of his friend in early September during the press conference ofTop Chef Objective.

We have a very strong bond. We already knew each other before Top chef. We shared a lot of things, great moments, a great bond. We got messed up a lot but it was benevolent, he recalls wistfully. I am necessarily sad becausea page turns but this is life we ​​move on.“Michel Sarran will no longer be part of the merry band, and it is Glenn Viel, 41 years old and youngest three-star chef in France, who replaces him.”We are going to smash him, he will regret coming like Paul Pairet, having fun Philippe Etchebest. It brings back another dynamic. I am not in the minds of decision-makers, there are necessarily reasons, we accept it. That’s part of the thing, it’s not the first time that there have been changes in the jury.

Glenn Viel, a “super cook” in Top Chef

If he indicates that the production has not “absolutely not asked for his opinion“as to this choice to replace Michel Sarran by Glenn Viel, Philippe Etchebest confides that he will be”necessarily a little sad“without his sidekick whom he will undoubtedly see again in other circumstances. And then, he recalls that the new juror of Top chef is “a great cook“.”I ate at his house this summer. He did some great events, he is very appreciated. It’s another style, another profile and it’s going to bring something new, a different dynamic for the next season“, concludes the host of Kitchen nightmare.

Statements that join those of Thomas Valentin, director of programs for M6. On September 6, at the microphone of RTL, he recalled that since the very first season of Top chef, “there have already been nine different jurors“As for Glenn Viel, the production calls him”absolutely amazing character“! Viewers got a glimpse of it during his stints as guest conductor in Top chef. A thirteenth edition that promises!

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