Mbappé’s mother denies having organized “secret meetings with journalists” during the Euro

A journalist from Le Figaro affirms, in a book, that Kylian Mbappé’s mother held secret meetings with journalists in the middle of the Euro, in order to “convey a few messages about the place occupied by Kylian (Mbappé) in the collective” of Didier Deschamps. Fayza Lamari strongly contested this information on Monday.

“June 2021. The scene is somewhat funny. On several occasions during the Euro, Kylian Mbappé’s parents, and in particular his mother, Fayza, held a lounge with various journalists, most of the time between the meetings of the Team from France, to talk behind the scenes of the selection, and necessarily the situation of their son, as well as his position within the world champions. “

In his book From the World Cup to the Euro, The secret story of a missed meeting, Baptiste Desprez, head of the sports department of Le Figaro, reveals an “anecdote” on the life of the Blues during the last European Championship. And in particular a sequence which would have taken place “in Budapest, in a café-restaurant in the Hungarian city”. Mbappé’s mother, Fayza Lamari, according to the latter, would have organized “an informal press conference, far from view and mics cut off”, in order to “convey a few messages on the life of the Blues, but especially the place occupied by Kylian in the collective set up by Didier Deschamps, not necessarily in line with the expectations of the striker’s entourage “.

“It was just classic courtesy contacts, nothing more”

A more or less secret interview formally contested by the main interested party, who reacted to this revelation in a tweet published this Monday morning, speaking of an extract “lying and rude”. “To claim that I organized secret meetings with journalists for more or less conspiratorial purposes is total nonsense. Because I know that if I want to keep a secret, I avoid sharing it with media professionals . If there were a few informal meetings with some journalists, it was just classic courtesy contacts, nothing more, “she assured on social networks.

Kylian Mbappé had crystallized the attention during the failure to the Euro of the France team, failing to score during the tournament and missing the last decisive shot on goal of the Blues against Switzerland, in round of 16. Since then, the Parisian striker has only participated in one meeting with the Habs, in the draw against Bosnia-Herzegovina (1-1) in a qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup. Injured, he did not take part in the matches against Ukraine (1-1) and Finland (2-0).

Romain Daveau Journalist RMC Sport

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