Match: Aulas complains about the refereeing of PSG / OL (2-1) and suddenly wants to reform it

Beaten in the last seconds of PSG / OL (2-1), the Lyon leaders and Jean-Michel Aulas in the lead had especially in the viewfinder the penalty awarded by Mr. Turpin to Neymar. So much so that the president of OL suddenly wants to reform refereeing!

OL fought well at the Parc des Princes this Sunday evening despite the defeat (1-2) but the latter had a bitter taste in the mouths of the Rhone leaders after the meeting. The match was barely over when President Jean-Michel Aulas directly attacked the arbitration at the microphone of OLTV, in particular because of the Parisian equalizer: “The penalty is an aberration. Mr. Turpin had an excellent game, it must be admitted, but the VAR should have intervened. “

In a press conference, his coach Peter Bosz also refused to admit the fault of his young player Malo Gusto on Neymar: “It’s not Malo’s fault at all. It is a fault of Neymar, who put his hand on his back and Malo can not do anything there. The first fault, it was Neymar who did it, so it was not a penalty at all. I understand the ref can’t see it, but the VAR that has all the pictures … it’s a mistake. “

The VAR is precisely in the sights of Jean-Michel Aulas who will even attack the big boss of arbitration Pascal Garibian at the microphone of OLTV: “We are investing in very interesting and very significant proportions in the VAR, so I want to hear from Mr. Garibian because, if he does not take the floor to say that there has been an error, we are then in a situation of lawlessness and that’s not the spirit of football. It is an abnormal decision. “

The night has passed, OL are still empty-handed but Jean-Michel Aulas still does not budge and it is now on Twitter that he has relaunched the complaints machine. Now, the one who has been on the FFF executive committee since 2017 wants to modernize arbitration: “It is time for football refereeing to make its revolution, to be transparent: the only solution is to have referees with open microphones, like in rugby, just like VAR exchanges. Why refuse to see Neymar’s double fault which leads to the downfall of M Gusto? “

After four years of sitting in one of the most important assemblies in French football and recently reelected in it, one can also wonder why it took OL to be allegedly robbed for Mr. Aulas to start leaning on the subject…

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