[MAJ] NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Ada Lovelace: More Details on the Next Green Monster

Today we are again full of information on the future GeForce RTX 4090, which should be a power monster and that makes good sense, as with each generation the performance increases.

So we will be on an Ada Lovelace generation graphics card with an AD102 GPU which will be engraved in 5 nm by TSMC. The latter will be offered 12 GPC, 72 TPC, 144 SM, 18432 Cuda Cores and the speed of this chip would be 2.2 GHz for a power of 81 TFlops.

nvidia geforce rtx-4090 ada-lovelace monster 2999-dollars

Caches should also be improved and on the memory side, NVIDIA should start with 384 bit GDDR6X.

All the plans for this new GPU would be finalized, so the greens will now be working on the internal design of the chip. For the release of the RTX 4090 we are talking about Q4-2022 and NVIDIA would aim for double the performance compared to Amps.

Update of the news of July 27, 2021 : Everything seems to be confirmed. Thus, today it is clear that we will be, for the AD102 GPU therefore the RTX 4090, on 5 nm with 12 GPC, 72 TPC, 144 SM, 18432 Cuda Cores and memory in GDDR6X 384 bits. The frequency is well given for 2.2 GHz, for a power of 81 Tflops, against 36 Tflops for the 3090 and 13 Tflops for the 2080 Ti. There will therefore be an overdose of overkill, hence the overpricing of $ 2,999 which has already been mentioned …

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