Ligue 1: FIFA lifts the recruitment ban for Angers and Paris FC

The FIFA appeals committee has just announced it: it ruled in favor of Angers SCO and Paris FC who had appealed after being sanctioned for violations of transfer regulations. “After analyzing the circumstances of the case, the FIFA Appeals Committee considered that the evidence presented by the two clubs was sufficient to invalidate the presumption of a relay transfer.“, said the instance.

In particular, the committee considered itself reasonably convinced of the unwillingness of the clubs to circumvent the provisions of the regulations governing the status and transfer of players relating to training compensation during the transfer chain referred to.“, the statement said. All sanctions have been lifted, he added.

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FIFA struck the two teams at the end of April with a ban on recruiting during a registration period, due to suspicion of “relay transfer”, a practice banned since 2020 which aims to circumvent certain obligations of buying clubs, such as training allowance. Angevins and Parisians also had to pay a fine of 30,000 Swiss francs (over 27,000 euros).

The two clubs appealed immediately. FIFA then suspended the ban on transfers, which allowed them to strengthen during the last summer transfer window. Suspicion was the transfer of Kevin Bemanga, a 23-year-old striker who, after playing in amateur leagues in Spain, signed his first professional contract in July 2020 with Paris FC, before being transferred a month later. in Angers, without ever having worn the Parisian jersey in competition. The player is playing today with the Angers reserve, in N2.

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